Who we Are

Voltus Design is a team of experienced, programmers, designers, and writers coming from complementary backgrounds and based in the beautiful city of Montreal. We pride ourselves in the quality of our work and by cutting out on useless production costs, we remain efficient and offer that quality for a competitive price.

Voltus Design has over twelve years of experience in programming and designing and puts a priority on the quality of our work and the work ethic of our employees. This dedication to our work is what makes Voltus Designs the premiere choice.

“Our user experience driven approach to web design and development yields tangible results that translate into greater visibility and profit for our clients.”

-Nick Bergen, Founder & Lead Developer


Voltus Design strives to innovate web design by making the web smarter and more people oriented. The result is a product that works for you. We implement this philosophy in all of our services.

We understand that some of the "out of the box" solutions out there do not always address all of the needs of the client. Our expertise and experience enables us to build our projects from the ground up, with the customers and the branding in mind. In other words, we create the project to fit your company, not the other way around.

Our expertise enables us to provide the client with right solution, not the one that is easier to implement. No matter what we deliver, we strive to make it work better than the client intended.

-Nick Bergen, Founder & Lead Developer

How do you Manage 70 Clinics?

Forget about diets, taboos, and guilt. The philosophy of the NutriSimple team is based on something quite different: a wellness approach that puts the pleasure of eating at the heart of its priorities. With a network of over 30 clinics spread throughout Quebec, NutriSimple grants itself the mandate to guide, motivate and be attentive to its customers by making available simple and practical tools that provide real and lasting results. In 2010, booming NutriSimple called upon Voltus Design. Their growing success and expanding network are accompanied by a lack of standardization. The challenge is serious: countering the fragmentation of data and inefficiencies by creating an infrastructure containing all of the assets of the company. For five years, our team contributes to the expansion, efficiency and performance of NutriSimple with the implementation and continuous improvement of a comprehensive and centralized computer system that facilitates the work of all stakeholders involved in the various spheres of the company.